Member Testimonial – Ingrid

It’s just a really easy-going relaxed and friendly gym with all the equipment and help I need

We love getting to know our members as you guys are what make Manly Beach Health Club such an inspiring place to train.

Today we hear from Ingrid Bianchi, and learn how she stays so healthy and gorgeous:

Q:  How important is being fit to you, what are the benefits?

Being physically fit has been important to me for as long as I can remember. I think being fit keeps me healthy, makes me want to eat well and probably most importantly keeps me mentally healthy. I leave the gym on a post work out high which is such a great way to start the day.

Being a massage therapist, I am interested in how to have maximum benefits to support a healthy body. And for me, going to the gym ensures that I have a healthy heart, strong bones, muscular strength and flexibility.

Q: What do you like about training at Manly Beach Health Club and when did you join?

I joined Manly Beach Health club in March of 2014. I moved to Manly at the end of 2013 and tried out a few of the local gyms but MBHC was the gym I felt most comfortable in. Apart from it’s amazing location, I knew that Sam and Adam were running a gym that suited me best. All the trainers have been super friendly and helpful from day one and I feel like I’ve been part of the gym for ages. I’ve had training sessions with Chris who has been fantastic and very motivational. It’s just a really easy-going relaxed and friendly gym with all the equipment and help I need. I loved doing the Saturday morning beach class and am trying to find the time to try out some of the other classes. I can also walk to the gym from home which is definitely a bonus.

Q: What other fitness or Manly based activities do you like to do?

I love to run so often run before or after my workout but find it too cold to run outside during winter. So I tend to do my cardio on the bike or the stepper during the colder months and then go for 10k runs when the sun is shining and it’s too nice to be inside. Being located opposite the beach means that I can go for sand runs and lovely swims in the ocean after my workout. I love to go for walks around the beaches and often take my dog with me. My girls and I love the beach so we love to swim and relax at the beach when we can. I also do an intense training session once a week with Rob the Sandhill Warrior which includes running sandhills and boxing activities.

Q: Any tips for how you keep on track with your fitness?

I think making exercise a priority is key. I also really love exercising – so I guess I’m lucky as I wake up wanting to exercise. Finding a sport or fitness routine that you like will definitely make you do it more often. I love cooking and eating, and when you eat the right foods to fuel your body you gain an all-round feeling of health. And I love baking so exercising is a great way to justify eating that second piece of cheesecake!content_image1-300x225

Q: Anything else that you might like to add

I am so glad I joined MBHC as it suits me perfectly. Being new to Manly, it has also been a great way for me to get to know some of the locals. Everyone is so friendly.

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