Testimonial: Fit friends – Donna & Simone

In this post we interview two very passionate members who find motivation in training together.

Read about Simone and Donna’s love of Personal Training, early morning starts and the healthy Manly lifestyle.

When did you start training together?

Donna: Simone and I started training together in September 2012.  She is a great motivation and pushes me to train when I would have normally made excuses. Having a gym buddy has kept me going and is also a bit of fun competition!

Simone: We started training together in around September 2012. Donna had just moved in with me, and I wanted to join her gym so we could be training buddies.

When did you join MBHC?

Donna: We joined MBHC in October 2013.

What do you enjoy most about your workouts?

Donna: I try to go to as many morning classes as possible, I enjoy training on the beach or rooftop and watching the sunrise whilst getting fresh air and exercising.  It really sets me up for the day.

Simone: Our gym routine is as follows:

1.      Personal training sessions with Christian 1 -2 times per week
2.      Attend 4 – 5 morning classes

I enjoy getting up every morning and training with my friend Donna and all our new friends we have made at MBHC. Everyone who attends the gym is so friendly and lovely which makes your morning workout a lot more enjoyable – I actually look forward to getting up at 5.15am and going to the gym!



 What’s the  best thing  about living in Manly?

Donna: I enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle, surfing, paddle boarding, and socializing.  Manly offers all of this.  I would have to say my favourite thing about Manly is North Head National Park, It feels like I’m a thousand miles away from the city.

Simone: Everything! I moved here approximately 4 years ago and have never looked back. I love the relaxed and healthy lifestyle. It feels like you are on holidays every weekend!

How have you found MBHC to be different from other clubs?

Donna: I have been a member of a few other clubs around the area, but MBHC is different from the rest.  It has more of a relaxed, friendly feel and is social.  Being right on the beach definitely sets it aside from any other gym.

Simone: Sam, Adam and all the trainers really take the time to get to know all their members and help them with their fitness goals. There are also not many other gyms that offer a variety of challenging and fun gym classes.

It really is a great way to improve your fitness, meet new people and stay motivated to work out! There are also great opportunities to get some tips and advice from the experts in the business.

How have you enjoyed your Personal Training?

Donna: Personal training is very important to me, it pushes me to my limits, and we do exercises that I never thought I could do before.  I am seeing results that I was unable to achieve on my own.  Christian’s personal training sessions are challenging, but fun at the same time!

Simone: Personal training has been an important step in reaching my fitness goals. Without personal training I would not be as fit or as happy as I am today. Every session challenges me and we always walk away saying “that was the hardest session we have ever done”.

What is the best thing about being fit?


Donna: There is no better feeling than feeling fit.  I have more energy, I feel motivated to try new things and set new challenges. This is the fittest I have ever felt before, and it feels amazing. I have come a long way, and have a long way to go, but I am loving the journey!

Simone: Being happy – I feel good and that shows through in every aspect of my life.  I have really noticed an improvement in my fitness and wellbeing since moving to MBHC and for that I am forever grateful!