An Iron Woman – Georgia Miller

“Do what you enjoy. I love doing Surf Life Saving. I train with a great team of guys and girls that I love to hang out with

In this blog we get to know the extremely talented Georgie Miller.

Georgie is a 19 year old elite Surf Life Saving athlete who races for Newport. She has been training at Manly Beach Health Club, with her coach Trent Herring, for some very important events this year. 


International Life Saving Challenge

 “For the first time ever I a represented the country at the International Life Saving Challenge. The competition took place in Maroochydore and I racedin the Open Australian Surf Life Saving team. This event includes teams from Japan, NZ, UK and Germany. It is a mixed squad of open men’s and women’s teams. .

The team event includes 4 legs – Swim, Board, Ski and Running. There are also individual events for Swim, Board and Ski and Ironwomen which I will compete in.

RESULTS: Overall, the Australian Life Saving Team took home the title in front of New Zealand. Georgia‘s individual results included winning the Ironwomen and swim events. Also, she contributed to winning many team events. 

Kellogg’s Nutrigrain Iron Women Series

Also in November I will compete in the first round of the Kellogg’s Nutrigrain Iron Woman Series. My favourite leg is swimming. I grew up with a swimming background and then stopped. I got back into it at 16 and fell in love with it all over again.”



I was really proud to be invited to the NSW Sports Awards last month as the awards are very prestigious and important to competitors who take part in Surf Life Saving. To my surprise I was crowned ‘Athlete of the Year’ which had many amazing athletes in the category. To top it off my coach Trent Herring also won Coach of the Year which he was very well deserving of. It was an awesome night that acknowledged the efforts of so many people who participate in Surf Life Saving.

Georgia-Miller Trent-Herring  Georgie-Miller Trent-Herring


How often do you train?

“I am currently doing about 4 training sessions a day which is keeping me really fit.”


I bet that Nutrition is really important in your training.

“Yes, I try to eat really well as I need lots of energy to keep up my training. I fuel my body really well with lots of green and quality protein. I love a big breakfast of eggs, mushrooms and spinach after a training session”


Can you offer us any tips for keeping fit?

“Do what you enjoy. I love doing Surf Life Saving. I train with a great team of guys and girls that I love to hang out with. Keep your training different. When I used to swim a lot, I spent a lot of time looking at the black line in the pool – But now I love that I am out in the surf as it changes every day and keeps me on my toes.

Next time you see Georgie training at the Club, please wish her luck and let her know that we are all behind her.

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