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The 6 Week Challenge

Are you training but not seeing the results you want?

Are you scared of going to the beach, pool, or social gatherings?

Finding yourself not fitting into the clothes you want?

Facing difficulties in dieting, experiencing frequent weight fluctuations, and feeling overwhelmed with the crazy overload of weight loss advice?

We guarantee these 6 weeks will provide more change than the whole of 2023 has for you.

Get ready for summer today with help from the 6 Week Challenge Team.


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Introducing The 6 week body composition challenge

Are You Stuck in a Cycle of Bad Habits and Inconsistent Training?

We’ve all been there – struggling with the motivation to keep fit, caught in unhealthy eating patterns, and feeling like we’re not making progress. It’s a common story, but it doesn’t have to be yours.

Discover How Isaac Transformed His Life in Just 6 Weeks

Battling inconsistency in his workouts and poor lifestyle choices, he felt trapped. But everything changed when he joined our 6-Week Body Composition Challenge.

Through personalized training, expert nutrition guidance, and a supportive community, James found a path to a healthier, happier life.

Imagine Achieving Your Dream Body and Mindset.

Think about how it would feel to break free from your old habits. Envision yourself stronger, more confident, and full of energy. With our challenge, this vision can become your reality. Witness your transformation as you embark on a journey of self-improvement and empowerment.

Are you looking for a quick fix to get into shape for summer?

Or have you just returned from a holiday and aren’t ready to take your shirt off at the beach?

Do you want the support from others to keep you accountable?

Would you like special discounts from local businesses that support your journey, making it easier to eat, train, and recover without setbacks?

If you’re stuck in a cycle of trying, failing, and starting over again, or if you’re frustrated watching others succeed effortlessly while you’re left wondering, we’re here to help.

How does the challenge work?

The 6-Week Challenge is structured into three two-week sprints. Each phase is meticulously designed to elevate your fitness levels, resilience, and body transformation, prepping you to handle increased workouts and burn more fat.

Weeks 0-2: The Initiate Phase

Your nutritional strategy is tailored based on your biometric scan results. This provides precise guidelines on what to eat and in what quantity to kick-start your fat burning journey.

Weeks 2-4: The Potentiate Phase

The nutritional approach shifts to tap into fat reserves. With your body primed, we amplify the intensity of your training, leveraging progressive overload to foster greater gains.

Weeks 4-6: The Annihilate Phase

Here, we optimize meal timing and macronutrient ratios to fuel your body for peak performance. You’ll discern the impact different foods have on your body, equipping you with knowledge to make future decisions for optimal training results.

Throughout the 6-Week Challenge, your training regimen will be dynamically adjusted in harmony with the weekly nutritional strategy, ensuring consistent progress over the course of the challenge.

The Finale

Celebrate the culmination of your efforts! Make it your best summer ever! Maintain new nutritional strategies and training programs that will keep you in awesome shape.

What is the 6-Week Challenge?

The team is obsessed with one outcome only.

Getting you results, we take it personally and want to see you succeed.


What Previous challenge participants have experienced in the program

‘The challenge started as a great way for me to kick-start back into a consistent training program. It quickly turned into something far more beneficial as I learned more about nutrition, became much more mindful of what I ate and found the workout program quickly producing toned results in areas of my body I never thought I could change.

The results from this challenge are better than anything I’ve ever done!

(As an added benefit, the way this program seems to work to reduce visceral fat is amazing for women over 50 with hormonal changes.)

Nicole B.

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