Member testimonial: Savi

“I joined Manly Beach Heath Club in October of 2013. In March of 2014 I developed a bad back injury. I stopped all gym activities and could not walk up or down Raglan Street without stopping at least 10 times to stretch. It was quite debilitating and restrictive.

I spent loads of money getting treatment from Osteopaths, Acupuncture and Physiotherapy. Under the Osteopaths instruction and guidance a program was formulated, and he insisted that I return to the gym and start rebuilding my mobility and strength, including weight bearing graded activities by a qualified trainer. I started with Sam and worked with Nathan. Nathan has trained me for the past 2.5 years, and I’ve gone from strength to strength. I go to the gym almost 5 days a week. Train with Nathan at least once a week. I also train with Sam.

Manly Beach Health Club also has a Movement for Life class for over 55’s every Wednesday, with Amanda. These classes have helped me hugely, my visits to the Osteopath have also lessoned; therefore, I save loads of money!

The people at the gym are very friendly, fun and helpful.”