Do you know your heart rate points?

To know your ratios we must know your individual Heart Rate Points

The human body uses 2 main fuel sources – fats and carbohydrates. The body burns a combination of the two. The ratios of this combination depend on the intensity of exercise.

At high intensities, the slow burning but efficient fat stores become a small component of the fuel mix, making carbohydrates the predominant fuel source for higher intensities.

At low intensities the body has time to use the fuel efficient fat so at lower intensities the body uses fat as the primary source.

The body is always burning a combination of fuels, so it is good to know the ratios. To know your ratios we must know your individual Heart Rate Points. The two major points are:
– Maximum percentage of fat provided to the fuel mix
– and your anaerobic threshold (this is where your body starts to accumulate lactic acid).

One must remember that carb stores are limited, also your brains preferred fuel source is carbohydrates. So post training it is important to re-stock glycogen stores to allow for the next training session. Trying to work out at high intensities with no carb stores will lead to the burning of muscle tissue, not fat.


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